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There are many benefits to starting an online blog. People from all walks of life can become writers and share their varied points of view. From that point on, writers can use a blog to become successful in a variety of topics. Whether they blog about wider topics such as celebrities,
or interior design; or they blog about a single, specific medical condition, and so forth: a blog is a great way to attract a specific crowd of readers, make money, or even add to a resume.

Writing Online for Money

One of the more attractive reasons for online blogging is the potential cash that a person could bring in. There are no ways to gain revenue from an online blog through companies such as Google, who offer programs that pay websites (not just blogs,) a small portion of the revenue earned through their advertising. However, guidelines must be followed – such as not clicking on your own links, and not encouraging others to do so.

It should be noted that very few people are successful enough to bring in enough revenue on a single blog. Blogging, as with many other forms of online publication, is not a “quick cash cow.”

That being said, in most cases the revenue takes a while to build up and is often significantly smaller than what a person may have expected. This is why many professional online freelance writers recommend that you “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” By writing for several different online websites, or running several blogs – it is easier to reach monetary goals rather than expecting it to come easily from one place.

Benefits of a Blog for Resumes

Surprisingly, a successful blog can also be used on a resume. For example, if you’re seeking a job as a writer for a financial magazine, and you have even a small following on a blog – show it off. The blog is a great way to let your potential employer know that you’re serious about the job, and that you can attract the readers they’re looking for.

Negative Aspects for Online Writing

Unfortunately, there is no form of true “internet police.” An online writer will soon discover that their hard work has been stolen and reproduced on another blog, likely one with an automatic feed. This is often frustrating, so it’s important to monitor your online library through
Google Alerts. Google Alerts will email you every time a specific phrase you’ve entered, comes up in their search engines.

Overall, making money online is no simple task. There are thousands upon thousands of scams online that suggest quick, easy money with little to no work. However, the real world carries over from the online world – money and status must be worked for, they will not magically appear overnight.

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